Tree Health Evaluations and Reports

At Tropical Tree Services, Inc., we work with the community residential and commercial in many areas providing tree health evaluation reports. These reports help the owners understand not only the value of their trees and landscape, but also the over all health of their plants, so they can make valuable decisions as to future needs and values.

Health Evaluations

We have the knowledge and resources to help identify health issues concerning your trees. Many times trees perform poorly because of poor cultural care such as too little or too much water, poor drainage, poor pruning practices, compacted soils, insect and disease damage etc. We can provide visual assessment from the ground or aloft as necessary, and provide foliage and soil analysis through lab assessment. Should a tree require a fungicide or insecticide treatment through foliar spraying, we can recommend reliable companies that provide that service if it is determined that will help your trees.

Tree Appraisals

Based on accepted arbor industry guidelines for plant appraisal, we can provide the monetary value of a tree or trees on your site for a variety of reasons, insurance claims, vandalism, construction bonding, mitigation, etc.

Several methods may be employed to arrive at the appraised value. For small trees, a simple cost of a replacement tree may be used, and for larger trees, a “Trunk Formula” method that takes into account the trees size, species, its condition, and the location and function of the tree to the site.

Regardless of the method, or purpose, tree appraisal must be considered reasonable and definable in court. Our arborist has experience with providing appraised values for many different situations.

Real Estate Tree Inspection

We often provide an evaluation of the trees on properties for prospective buyers. We can identify the species of the trees, their approximate age, health, condition, safety, and provide a plan for their care and approximate costs to maintain the trees over the years.

Arborist Reports

We are very familiar with all of the local cities and county ordinances for tree protection. We can provide tree preservation reports often required to process building permits, or get permits for tree encroachment or removal. If you are in the planning stage, or already have site plans, we can visit the site and give you a free estimate for the cost of the report. We also provide on-site supervision by a Certified Arborist as is sometimes required by the permitting agency

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