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Tropical Tree Services, Inc. offers premier tree care in Hawaii since its founding by Sergio Vasquez in February, 2001.  Starting out as     S & V Landscaping Inc., with his 10 previous years of working with trees, Sergio realized how much he enjoyed working with trees.It was not long before he phased out of the landscaping and focused entirely on caring for trees and renaming his company Tropical Tree Services, Inc. Sergio worked on several committees of the Aloha Arborist Association, the local ISA chapter as well as served as Vice President of Aloha Arborist Association in the continued effort to educate and promote quality arboriculuture in our industry.

Arborist Education

Sergio believe in ongoing Arborist Education and see it as at a top priority in his company. He wants all of his crew members to understand how trees grow, including his office personnel, so they can better serve our clients and their tree trimming & removal needs. Beyond all the certifications and seminars the crews have attended, Sergio has taken the crew on several landscaping & tree care seminars, where through personal experience the crew can learn and experience new tree care techniques, and promote crew bonding, all while climbing some of the tallest trees in Hawaii.

Arborist Standards

Finally through accepted arborist standards, Sergio wanted to separate his company from the many other “Chainsaw for Hire” companies. Which is why the companies motto is “When it Has to Be Done Right Call A Certified Arborist “, which implies, When you want safe, professional, efficient, & knowledgeable tree care, call TROPICAL TREE SERVICES Inc.”No Job too Large or Small” The Company has Certified Arborists, and these certifications guarantee our customers the highest quality of tree care services.

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Tropical Tree Services 845997 ,
958 Kamilonui Place, Honolulu, HI 96825

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