Stump Removal Equipment

Whether you have Tropical Tree Services, Inc. perform your tree removal service or not, for all stump clearing projects we have the equipment and skills to remove any type of tree stumps big or small.

After tree removal or to clear property, stump removal is needed to bring your land back to greater use. We have three different size stump grinders. This is a picture of our largest stump grinding machine used primarily for front yard stumps or wider access areas. We have smaller stump grinders that can fit through a typical back yard gate. We also have a hand held stump grinder that can get to those tough access stumps located in tight areas. Our estimator can determine which machine is appropriate for your job.

For those of you who have never seen the stump grinding process, this video should give you a good idea of what it takes to grind a stump.

When finished grinding out the stump we typically back fill the void with the grindings, as demonstrated here. The resulting mulch can be used as a top dressing around existing plants to keep down weeds and retain moisture. Or we can haul away the excess grindings.

Wood Chips

We keep you in mind as well when we clear property. There are many uses for wood chip composting around most yards. There is a constant supply of wood chips from all of our projects. We deliver wood chips. We have a chip list that we give to our crew and when they happen to be working in your area and have a full truck load of chips (our trucks hold 10-12 yards that will cover about 1000 sq. ft 2-3” deep) we are happy to stop by and drop them off for you. It usually takes about 2-4 weeks to receive chips depending on you location and the area we are servicing during that time.

In the video below, you will find a typical use of composting with wood chips for both yard and garden.


We use this pneumatic device for several applications. To uncover buried trunks, dig root exploration trenches to locate roots, and to loosen soil for added aeration or incorporating nutrients and organics. It is especially useful when planning a building or hard-scape project within the drip line, as it allows us to see what roots are there and if they can be safely encroached or pruned to make way for the proposed improvements. One of the key benefits in using the Airknife, is that by using compressed air to move soil, it uncovers and locates roots without damaging them or other potential underground utility lines that would otherwise be damaged by pick and shovel or heavy digging equipment.

Prior to tree removal to keep trees healthy or after removal to prepare for continued growth of surrounding trees soil maintenance is an essential part of a good landscape program.

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