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Finding the best tree services for your needs is our mission at Tropical Tree Services. Each type of technique or service has its special solution to your particular tree to maintain its health or abate any ongoing problems discovered.  

Below you will find a quick list of services we provide:

  • Tree Pruning– as annual maintenance or emergency service
  • Tree Removal – Safe removal of dangerous or intrusive trees
  • Stump grinding – final clean-up after tree removal
  • Real Estate Tree Inspection – Identification and evaluation of tree property value
  • Hazard Evaluation – assessment of tree safety and hazard abatement
  • Arborist Reports – providing tree preservation reports
  • Resistographytesting of unseen tree weaknesses
  • Ground Maintenance – Soil Aeration, fertilization, and irrigation – Proper maintenance of ground soil

We get used to our personal care, whether brushing our teeth, getting exercise, visiting the doctor for a health check-up, but then forget that our property needs constant attention to protect our investment. With proper attention and maintenance your trees and landscape can survive in good health and keep the value of your property at its highest level.

Tree Pruning Honolulu 

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