Is Tree Removal very dangerous?
Tree removal projects: Difficult and dangerous tree removal projects are our specialty, but we offer very competitive services for small tree removals as well. We utilize bucket trucks and cranes when needed, but we are also able to work on trees located in limited access areas and other tight quarters by use of climbing and ladders. Tree Removal is very dangerous and should only be done by experienced professionals who are fully insured.
Why Tree Trimming Services?
Tree Trimming Services are Important for Maintaining Healthy Surroundings
Trees serve extremely important roles in the natural environment and take many years to grow and develop. Once established, they provide shade, erosion protection, and habitat for birds and animals. Not only are trees an important part of beautifying your home or business, but the shade provided by trees can decrease air conditioning costs by 10% to 50%.
Why Tropical Tree Services Inc.?
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What are your core values?
Tropical Tree Services Inc. believes and supports five core values that drive every aspect of our business. They are:

Respect Each Other
Communicate With One Another
Work As A Team
Pursue Innovation
Provide a Superior Associate and Customer Experience
Why Trust A Certified Arborist With Your Trees?
An arborist is a person that cares for trees. A CERTIFIED ARBORIST is a person that has dedicated himself to furthering their education about tree care and have become certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). One must pass an extensive evaluation created by an international panel of industry and academic experts. Then, a Certified Arborist must continue education and stay up-to-date within the field.
How Does a Certified Arborist Help You?
A Certified Arborist knows how to trim, prune, remove, plant and care for your trees’ health — PROPERLY. Many people wrongly think that anyone can prune a tree. However, to allow for maximum benefits it is best to have a certified arborist perform the work. The danger in caring for trees improperly can cause safety issues, detract from its beauty and can damage the tree’s health, causing it to die.
What is a Certified Arborist?
Certified Arborist are professional tree care takers. In order to be labeled as certified an individual has to have a minimum of three years experience working in the tree care industry, and they must have taken and passed several exams. Certified arborists are tested in tree biology, tree identification, soil, water, planting, pruning, cabling, tree diagnosis, and safety practices.

When a homeowner is in need of a tree professional it is best to call a certified arborist. They know how to keep the trees healthy and beautiful. Arborists are very similar to physicians; they are the doctors of trees.

Arborists stay abreast of technologies and scientific advances that take place with trees and shrubs.

In today’s times arborist deal with some of the most advanced chainsaws, chippers and high voltage situations. These things need to be handled properly and safely and certified arborists are trained to deal with these things. When trees and shrubs are cared for they are more beautiful and it increases the property value of the home. The opposite is true of landscapes that are not taken care of, this can lower property values and it can become a liability.

Certified arborist provide pruning, which helps to maintain the appearance, health and safety of trees and shrubs.

They also offer tree removal, which is necessary when a tree is dying or if there is a hazard to life or property, obstruction, or crowding.

They provide planting ideas and recommendations for which plants to have and during which season.

Arborists also provide healthcare, fertilization services, cabling, aeration, spraying, injection and installation of lightning systems.

When searching for a certified arborist look for one that is a member of a professional organization like ISA, TCIA, or ASCA.

Check that the arborist has proper insurance, permits and licenses. There are many businesses out there that claim to be certified tree removal specialist but they really are just people that cut down trees.

A licensed, certified arborist is the best person to call to insure that your property will be respected and the advice that you receive will be based on scientific fact and a true diagnosis.

The proper research is necessary to make sure that you are getting a professional that can offer health advice, safety and landscaping information that is proven to work on trees and shrubs. Arborists that are certified are constantly adding to their knowledge by taking advanced courses and attending seminars to keep them abreast of the most advanced elements of tree care.

Tropical Tree Services Inc. exceptional service is our full time goal. From our initial contact, to providing our expert Hawaii tree removal service, it is important that we deliver a great experience to our residential customers.

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