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August 22, 2014
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October 1, 2014

Tree Pruning Purpose

Professional Tree Worker

Tips: Tree Pruning

Before understanding the basics of tree pruning it is key to realize one must understand the nature of each tree specifics and the purpose tree pruning performs for the health not only to the tree, but to the surrounding area. It is best to consult a trained arborist professional to learn the best tree pruning practices regarding  the needs for each type of tree and the schedule needed for the time of year and type of tree.  Below you will find  a few benefits and  tree pruning considerations.

·         Balance the tree aesthetics’ with over all landscape plan

·         Prune for balance tree growth as well as tree strength and longevity

·         Cut out damage or potentially tree disease in branches for a health tree future

·         Prevent dangerous tree overhang into power lines, other utilities and proximity to structures

·         If it is a fruit tree pruning, it will be more focused on tree productivity and strength to bear fruit.

At Tropical Tree Services, Inc. we maintain certification so we can always handle your tree and landscape needs properly.

A trained certified ArboristArboriculture

fertilization , pest and pathogen control, pruning , shaping , and removal. A ‘tree surgeon’ is more typically someone who is trained in

will know the needs of each tree type and the requirements in your area as to the best tree pruning practice.  Sometimes it is less expensive to have your trees pruned and trim correctly on a regular schedule than to plan on doing it yourself in a less experience way.


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