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August 17, 2014
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August 21, 2014

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Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Although stump-grinding  or stump removal equipment is popular to use, chemical stump removal is possible for certain situations. A stump grinders is the most effective for large stumps to reduce the stump below the ground level. Whether you’ve chosen to do it yourself tree removal or hired a contractor to remove both tree and stump, special attention must be taken in using a chemical.  The chemicals come in an assortment of function. If you really want to proceed with chemicals or even hiring a contractor, a little research on the net will help you with questions to ask the certified tree worker or before proceed forward with doing it yourself.

Stump Removal Chemicals

All you have to do just before getting any sort of stump extraction chemical anywhere is to read thoroughly regarding its safety. Seek to understand just how the chemical functions, and why many folks assume it is the ideally chemical for the job. Review the product information and the sort of stumps you intend to eliminate. It may be simply a matter of  pouring the chemicals on the stumps to degeneration them fast. If you plan on taking on some hardwood stumps to thoroughly disintegrated them normally, this will take many years.

• Licensed by the EPA, this tree stump extraction chemical can not trigger any type of ecological pollution.
• Its elements have no smell or poisonous fumes.
• It is absolutely non-poisonous.
• It is constructed from exclusive organic or natural active ingredients.
• This chemical is easy to make use of. All you need to do is to pour the chemical onto the plant stump without uprooting it.
• It accelerates the decomposing process for plant stumps.
• Makes sure fast stump elimination after the dissolution is total.
• It will not pollute the ground beside it given that it is bio-degradable.
• The chemical is readily offered and it is cost effective also.

Stump Grinding Equipment

You may find the use of stump grinding equipment may be best left to a certified tree worker. They are trained and well practiced in both equipment and the proper process to handle the equipment safely.

Should you proceed with your own DIY stump removal with rented equipment, there are several sizes of stump grinding machines, from the smaller sized systems that you could fit onto your back, and bring up a slope or hill, and grind down tool to tiny dimension plant stumps. Then there are medium size stump grinders, that you can usually rent from your neighborhood rental yard shop. For larger projects there are larger size machines, that need additional space, and normally charge a lot more, however they can do them the job quicker. You also have large dimension devices that could blow you away, Check out the clip on Youtube below:

Bandit model 5000 track (stump grinder head)Bandit model 5000 track (stump grinder head)
The model 5000 is the latest addition to the line of already impressive prime movers offered by Bandit. As with the other models offered, the model 5000 can …


We will certainly presume you are going to do it on your own, and you lease a conventional dimension 13hp stump grinding equipment. The front of the piece of equipment has a blade almost like a round saw, however with carbide teeth. These teeth are very hard, and if you would like to grind them down yourself, you need an eco-friendly grinding tire to do that.

The among the largest dangers of stump grinding, is the event should a tooth of the saw break off and go flying out.   The guard over the machine should be steel. Even then a flying tooth could cause quite some damage, So you need to make certain the teeth are entirely tight. Examine for any loose teeth, and ideally, tighten each one, specifically if it is a rental, the guy at the shop might not be that attentive, so take it upon yourself to check them thoroughly. The teeth coming out is the most dangerous point part of the operation.

The Second most challenging point are little rocks. if your stump is in an area that has tiny stones, you should attempt and remove as many  as you can, just before you begin. You would certainly desire to set up plywood walls around your workplace, so no rocks or tiny chips fly out, especially if you are working around home windows or fragile items.

A lot of cities have a telephone number that you can call if you would like to dig in your yard. The majority of stump grinding typically drops approximately 6 inches here the grade, so you could place in your concrete, turf, brand-new turf, compost, new backyard, or whatever, and the equipments could drop further than that, yet the much more further, the even more tougher to manage the piece of equipment. A more practical piece of equipment for the Do-It-Yourself stump remover would be like the equipment below.

Home Depot stump grinderHome Depot stump grinder
We rented a stump grinder from home depot for about $100.00 and grinded down a stump from the tree that blew over in the front yard of a neighbors house toda…

The moment you have the piece of equipment before the stump, established the blade up on the stump, then make certain the wheel gets out the stump, and begin the equipment, each machine will be different, some will certainly be self thrust, some with brakes, some with various points. One stump grinding equipment I have is for going up close to our home or fencing, and acquiring it to

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