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Hawaiian Koa Trees

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Special  Hawaiian Koa Trees

Hawaiian Koa trees found on the islands  of  O’ ahu, Hawai’i, Lana’i, Moloka’i, and Kaua’i is usually found above the elevation of 200 ft. Depending on age and terrain Koa trees can grow to over 100 ft. high. More Details

Being a fast growing tree Hawaiian Koa can grow up to 5 foot per year in the initial 5 years. In higher elevations Koa trees can reach greater heights depending on the type and variety. In lower altitudes Koa after growing for decades can be susceptible to certain deceases. When choosing Koa for landscape, it is important to inquire as to the source of the plant. Plants varieties can be of multi-branch, shrub, or tall stock trees.

Old growth Koa can grow more than 100 feet in the wild. In urban landscapes it could take many decades to do the same. They more consistently grow between under 30 foot at lower elevations.

Koa has a special relation with the bacteria rhizobia that lives around the roots of the tree creating a natural fertilizer from the air into nitrogen the tree can use at the root level. If a Koa tree is with rhizobia, they will tend to grow better similar to many other plants when treated with nitrogen fertilizer.

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